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To identify fungi in tissue sections.

Application: To identify fungi in tissue sections. The mucopolysaccharide components of the fungal cell wall are oxidized to release aldehyde groups. The aldehyde groups then react with the silver nitrate, reducing it to metallic silver, rendering them visible.

Caution: For good results follow these rules: Use sections from formalin or fixed in Bouin’s fixative tissue. Sections should be well washed for elimination of the fixative before the impregnation procedure; Always use excellent and absolutely chlorine-free distilled or deionized water; Use only perfectly clean glassware; Avoid deposit of dust on sections. Never touch solutions with metallic objects (tweezers etc.); If the chromic acid turns brown it needs to be changed. Note the 2% rather than 5% for the conventional method, the stronger chromic acid causes the tissue to fall off the slide when using the microwave technique; If the organisms are not turning black, check: fresh chromic acid, fresh sodium met bisulfite, fresh borax.