Decalcifier DEK – HN

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1000 ml, 2500 ml

Remove calcium or calcium compounds from (bones or teeth, for example). To lose calcium or calcium compounds.

Application: Decalcifying solution for fibrillar and lamellar bone structure.

Method: Duration of decalcification procedure is over 24 hours and each next day 1-2 ml Acid solution for DEK-HL should be supplemented.After decalcification is over an Ammonium solution for DEK should be slowly supplemented to the solution until the acid reaction disappears (pH levels should reach 7.1-7.2) – control of pH values should be performed with pH indicator paper. After the samples should be moved in running water for 24 hours. Finally the sample should be prepared for paraffin-celoidine or cryo- embedding. Paraffin embedding is not recommendable due to poor quality of paraffin uptake in the decalcified tissues.